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Welcome to the Phoenix Heating section

With our team of highly skilled Gas Safe, and Oftec engineers, you can rest assure you are in safe hands.

Years of experience, and a wealth of knowledge in the heating sector, allows us to carry out any task with little, or no fuss to you the customer, all carried out in a safe, professional and timely fashion.

Look below to see some of the services we provide, if there is anything that catches your eye, or you have a question to ask, then please click on 'Live Chat', where one of our team will be happy to assist you.

You can also click on the 'WhatsApp' button to reach one of our 'field engineers'. 

Or, if you prefer to talk to someone, click on the 'Contact' button and give us a call.

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What we can do for you...

​All domestic Natural Gas, L.P.G. (Liquid Propane) & Oil appliances.

  • Servicing - An annual check on your boiler is a must, it can ensure safe and efficient running, with certain checks that can prevent it breaking down just when you need it the most. 

  •  Gas fires, or, any other appliances that are installed in a chimney needs a 'full' strip down service, this is to ensure the appliance flue, and the chimney it's attached to is operating in a safe manner to ensure the products of combustion are being removed.

  • Landlord Gas Safety Inspection - If you are a landlord, or are renting a property, by law, the gas appliances and installation pipework has to be checked for safety on an annual basis. Carbon Monoxide alarms MUST now be fitted in every room where there is a gas appliance (excluding a cooker/hob) as mandatory. We can ensure the safety of your property by carrying out these checks and issue you with a certificate.

  • Please note: If you own your own house, it is highly recommended to fit one, and is a safeguard that could save your life.

  • Repair - In the unfortunate occasion your boiler breaks down, rest assured our team of experienced engineers can get you up and running in no time, taking priority for the elderly, infirm or people with infants.

  • Install - Sadly the day will come where your boiler is no longer repairable, parts are no longer available, or it's just worn out. We can provide you with the right boiler to suit exactly what you need, and at a price that's right.

  • Glow worm and Vaillant boilers are our main choice (for the gas market), and Grant (for the oil market). This is due to their incredible build quality, and more importantly, their efficiency and reliability. However, we will consider installing other makes if this is what you desire.

  • Upgrade - As time and technology progress, your heating system can become less efficient due to many reasons...

  • An old room thermostat going out of calibration - Upgrade to a new digital room thermostat, or, why not go one step ahead with a smart stat that's controlled with your smartphone, tablet or computer. It can even be controlled by your smart speaker (integration may depend on the make).

  • An old time clock that loses time - upgrade to a new digital programmer that will automatically change for summer and winter settings (daylight saving), or, change it to a smart controller and set your usage via your smartphone, tablet or PC.

  • Old radiators not keeping the room warm? - Over time the water in your radiators begins the rusting process, this leads to 'sludge' building up, and creating poor circulation. Having your system flushed usually resolves this, and sometimes upgrading your radiators helps too, as the metal is thinner, allowing more heat to emit into your room.

  • We can help and advise you with all of these issues, and many more. 

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CO Alarm - a MUST for your safety!
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Our opening times are:

Monday to Friday

8am - 5pm

Telephone: 01308 458619

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