It’s no secret that a few members of this great team were once part of another local company.

We parted to form this new and exciting company.

Many locals may know us, and if they do, you can be sure they know us for our reputation as being utterly focused on delivering a quality service.

Whilst seemingly new, as a team we are a well tuned machine, ready to carry on with our aim of servicing Dorset as the go to company for all things electrical and plumbing.

Experience that counts

As a team we a wealth of experience to draw upon. Our years in the business have taught us the importance of providing a professional service.

Quality Assured

So confident are we of our abilities that we can hand on heart assure you of a level of service which you will be completely satisfied with.

Professional Standards

From inception to completion, every part of the process follows our code of maintaining a professional, friendly attitude and practice of working.